Dub Turbo – A Full Instrumental Maker Online Recording Studio! You Don’t Need To Spend Thousands For High Quality Mixes!

Instrumental Maker-One of the Best Instrumental Makers


When it comes to making your own rap music online and you’re not sure how to start, it can be tough to find the right solution that will make everything for you.

For instance, you come across a few problems like, “How am I going to get good quality sound and where is it going to come from?”

Well, when you start investigating proper music production, you start to notice an expensive trend with all of the important equipment needed to create a good quality beat.

Well, where there’s a will there’s a way!

Dub Turbo has been out for some time now and it is a complete remedy that provides you access to thousands of beats that you can take advantage of and start composing with the software!

It is also a complete DAW (digital audio WorkStation) so you can make the same music online that you could make in your own recording studio!

It is an excellent choice for beginners because the video tutorials provide all that you need in order to create your first track in under an hour!

Then, you have to the option to become more involved in the more complex components of the software like import your own sounds, add effects, etc.

After you’re done with your musical idea, you can burn to a disc and take it with you on the go!

This instrumental maker has gotten, and still gets, great reviews. This software generously offers a complete solution for anybody interested in creating a musical idea for rap, hip hop, reggae, dance, and techno….just about anything!

Go watch and listen to the incredible video examples now and start making your own musical ideas come to life with ease!

Instrumental Maker-One of the Best Instrumental Makers


O Instrumental Maker, Instrumental Maker, Wherefore Art Thou Instrumental Maker?

Hello guys and gals. I am dropping in to inform you of this great video that I found, which was put out by the people of Dubturbo (Instrumental Maker). It demonstrates and concentrates on one beat making aspect of its music producing capabilities. He gives a short tutorial on how to utilize the music maker by making a quick beat using WUB WUBs. These beats are really killer. You can hear these samples in a lot of music today, especially at the clubs. This just the tip of the iceberg for this beat maker when it comes to all of the things that can be musically executed. If you are interested enough to check out how you can implement this music making technique then click below to listen to the beats.  Enjoy!!!

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Instrumental Maker –Instrumental Maker Images

Hey everyone, I thought I would add some images of this instrumental maker so you have an idea of what the interface looks like. check out my images page to view them.

Instrumental Maker-Instrumental Makers….Watch Out!!

Ok….This has got to be the hottest beat maker out there. I don’t think any other instrumental makers can compete because of its professionality and its price. I really do not think it can be beat. This program is a music maker that really seems essential for anyone in the beat making business. What is ironic is that the program was first developed as a beginner based software, but it did so well that they overhauled their already genuine program into a 2nd version, which is taking the scene by storm. They paid close attention to the 2.o in order to make it nearly impossible to defeat. You gain video tutorial guides so it helps you through your instrumental making, which makes this program very user friendly. When you invest in the product, they also offer to show you how to sell the beats you create, which is really sweet. You can make your money back on your 1st beat, if your interested in doing that of course. On top of that, there is a contest going on to see who can create the best beat and there is a $5000 cash prize. This is pretty crazy. So….if you are in the beat machine business, and you are looking for a program to help with your instrumental making……Check out Dubturbo, seriously, you’d be doing yourself a favor. To fully grasp what I am trying to relate to you, just watch their demo videos offered on their site. That should explain it all. Enjoy….

Instrumental Maker – Innovative?

Hey everyone, Chris here, here is my updated review of this product after my investigation.

This is just a review. To see the real product click here

This is a review/professional opinion, if you want to go straight to the product just click here

At first I thought, “Big deal, another software download for instrumental music making.” To my surprise, this program is very highly thought of. You can make professional beats without spending an obscene amount of money doing it. All I can find is great feedback about this product. This is truly an amazing music maker. It is pretty impressive that you are able to do so much for so little. User friendly and very easy to produce high quality beats. Seeing the feedback really was encouraging me. This is a great beat making tool if you are a DJ or if you just want to make beats in rap, hip hop, R$B, dance, etc. then this is the way to go. I believe in this product. If you want to know more about this beat machine just click the link: Dubturbo – An Amazing Instrumental Music Maker.

I will keep digging deeper for more results. Until then, check it out for yourself.



I Want This Instrumental Maker!

Hey guys, I’m stopping in to let you know that this program I am looking into gets me excited. I can honestly say that I will be purchasing this beat making program in the futrue. I have to manage my time a little better before getting into it though, but hey that’s life. I can tell you that this program will most definately be in my library of instrumental makers. So far I love the product and I believe that it will become an essential music tool to own. I will be back with the product and my product results. Stay tuned….

Music Mixing Software

Hey everybody, just touching base on my progress with investigating the instrumental maker – Dubturbo. So far, the Beat Maker is good. All I have seen were good comments/compliments. I am still not sold on this music maker. I am going to further my investigation to give a better opinion. Don’t get me wrong, there were no red flags, but I am trying to be cautious about it before standing behind the beat maker software. I will say that I am almost convinced though. There are a lot of great things about it. It’s actually quite impressive. It definitely stands out from all of the other instrumental makers. I’ll be back with my thoughts…

Instrumental Maker-Dubturbo(Professional Beat Maker)

Hey everyone, I found this new music producing software and I am going to check it out and see what it’s all about and how well of a beat machine it really is. I chose this product because of my strong interest in music production and technology. I’ll be back with my thoughts on this instrumental maker….

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